Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Building a Content Marketing Strategy Focused on Results

An effective content strategy can radically improve an online marketing plan. Businesses are able to reach a large audience with quality content, turning visitors into customers and long-term brand advocates. Content marketing, however, is more than simply writing articles and filming videos. Your content strategy needs to be carefully thought out, focusing on goals, expectations, and results. When you follow a proven plan, content marketing can become one of the main pillars of your overall marketing strategy. The following strategy will ensure your content marketing is focused on maximizing results for your business.

Create Goals

Each piece of content you create should have a wider purpose. Content could be used to grow an email list, make more sales, or build a brand. When you know the reasons why you are creating content, measuring the results becomes far easier. You may get great results without making clear goals, but it is harder to replicate this success in the future because there was no original method.

Track Your Goals

The way to ensure your goals have to mean is to track them. There are various ways you can monitor the results, with link tracking tools and analytics making life easier. Google Analytics is effective for most tasks, allowing you to set goals within the dashboard. For a goal like brand building, BuzzSumo and similar tools track social media reach, so you can monitor how much buzz an article is receiving.

Research Existing Content

The best type of content is able to surpass what is currently available. You may not always be able to offer something new and unique, but there is no point offering something that doesn’t meet the expectations of your audience. You can find existing content with relevant Google searches and software like BuzzSumo. When you have a number of examples, think about how you can improve on it.

Map Out Future Content

It is important to plan ahead when thinking about content marketing. Rather than creating occasional articles, videos, and social media content, map out a plan for the next few months. The plan can be adapted based on results and industry events, but think about how to reach different sections of your audience and the various topics they will respond to.

Develop a Team

Developing a team can help you take content marketing to the next level. You may initially start with one person, but gradually build out a team of writers, video makers, and graphic designers. Using a consistent group of people ensures you can maintain a high quality, sticking to themes that are providing results.

Audit Published Content

Auditing your content will let you know what worked, helping to improve results in the future. You can check traffic stats to see the number of visitors and the time they spent on the page. Social media shares are also an important factor in measuring content marketing buzz. Finally, look back at your initial goal to see if your objectives were met and the reasons for success or failure.

This strategy can work for a blog, social network, or email list, with the focus being on quality, planning, and analysis. While it is clear that low-quality content will severely damage a campaign, less focus is placed on the other areas that require work. Thinking about the purpose of your content and assessing its impact ensures you have a focus and a goal in sight. With each new piece of published content, you will learn valuable information to take into the future. Content is the perfect marketing tool for the internet, but it is vital you have a strategy that has been proven to work.