Tuesday, March 20, 2018

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

Many people find themselves needing some more income. Luckily, there are some ways for you to make money online. No, these are not get-rich-quick internet businesses, nor will they generate a full-time income. They are, however, practical ways for most people to earn extra money online in their spare time. The best thing about these opportunities is that nearly anyone can do them because no special training is needed.


Micro jobs are minor tasks that usually don’t take long to complete. They allow companies to break up large quantities of work into smaller pieces which are then completed by many (sometimes thousands) workers online. Amazon Mechanical Turk is the largest (and oldest) site for micro jobs. You can find hundreds of thousands of small jobs from a lot of categories, including academic surveys, crowdsourcing projects, data entry, transcription, writing assignments and more. You work on these jobs through the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. Microworkers is a smaller site that offers a limited number of micro jobs. Registration is fast and free on both sites. Most of these jobs pay between a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the work



Getting paid for giving your opinion is another way to earn extra money online. Paid online surveys have become a popular way to learn about consumer sentiment. Companies (both large and small) and market research firms are always seeking consumer research on their brands. For example, a company investigating its new product idea will want to get feedback from potential customers. Many surveys involve filling out online questionnaires, although sometimes you can get paid more for participating in online discussion panels.  A few of the biggest sites are Inbox Dollars, Ipoll, Opinion Outpost and PineCone Research. These sites are all free to register, and they pay cash (via PayPal or check) to survey takers. Most studies will pay a few dollars, but the discussion panels will pay more.


If you like the idea of getting paid to take surveys, then you might enjoy getting paid to watch new television show pilots and commercials. Often a television network will want to test a new show before ordering an entire season. Invoke Research and Nielsen will pay you to watch new television shows online and then ask you a series of questions about the episodes. Sometimes there are opportunities to get paid to preview television commercials as well. The pay rates vary widely depending on the project.


Finally, you can get paid for surfing the web. Yes, your internet browsing data is valuable to major search engines; because they want to learn how to better target ads to users. SurveySavvy will pay you monthly just for installing the SavvyConnect App on your devices (you get paid per device). In addition to the app, you can also get paid for participating in regular projects that analyze your web data. Occasionally, PineCone Research also will offer similar opportunities and pay for browsing data. The information these companies collect is always kept private and only reviewed in total; they will never sell personal information to third parties. You will need to research these projects to find out what their current pay rates are before joining.


In short, how much money you earn online depends on several factors. However, many people can make at least a few hundred dollars a month of extra income (and more depending on how much time you invest). You can research these sites to find out which opportunities are right for you.