Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server


Renting a dedicated server is often a viable option for larger internet companies. This means that they will have a single web server within the host’s network dedicated to their website.


There are many advantages to having a dedicated server. It allows for faster access to data and easy accommodation of high traffic. It also allows the extra space a company might need for e-mail, multiple domains and multiple databases. Many companies will use the extra space to host multiple domains on one server. For example, a worldwide company might have a separate domain dedicated to each country. Hosting them all on one server allows the company to easily and efficiently keep them all up to date and running smoothly.


Though the cost of a dedicated server may seem outrageous at first compared to shared hosting, it is often well worth the money – especially if you own a high-traffic website. On a shared server, you usually have a certain amount of bandwidth allocated for your use. If you exceed this limit, you either experience downtime or have to pay extra fees – or both. By renting a dedicated server, this problem can be avoided, and for some sites the cost of a dedicated server is much lower than the price they would be paying for extra bandwidth on a shared server.


Because they are generally rented by bigger companies, and because renting a dedicated server can be expensive, the customer service associated with the account is often impressive. The hosting company wants to make their customers’ experiences as good as possible. Happy customers leads to good word-of-mouth advertising. Unhappy customers leads to customers switching hosting services. Therefore, they are usually willing to help out in any way they can. Companies that offer dedicated hosting will usually have 24/7 customer service, 364 (sometimes even 365) days of the year. So anytime you need help with anything, all you have to do is send out an e-mail and wait for the response, which often comes in less than an hour. Some sites will even offer live chat options, allowing you to connect with a customer service representative almost immediately and have a live discussion instead of waiting for e-mails to go back and forth.


Some people opt for a dedicated server just for the extra flexibility. By renting a dedicated server, you are completely in control of it. This means that your uptime is not affected by factors that are outside of your control, as can sometimes happen on a shared server. With a dedicated server, you also have the ability to customize the hardware and software to suit your needs, add any necessary security enhancements, and choose which operating system you would like to work with.


Many people with smaller companies or personal websites will pay for a dedicated server just to take advantage of the benefits. In these cases, they do not need the extra space on the server and may start their own small hosting company to sub-lease the extra space. This can help cover the cost of maintaining a dedicated server while retaining the desired flexibility.