Sunday, March 25, 2018

Guest Bloggers: Fresh Content ?

In the world of Web 2.0 there’s no denying the captivating power of blogs. A well-constructed blog with solid content is a fantastic venue for information sharing and connecting people around the world. Blog evolution includes many blogs serving as effective business platforms for more and more individuals. Blog proliferation across the Internet is nothing shy of pervasive, but the biggest challenge most bloggers still face is keeping a blog updated with fresh, unique content over long periods of time. The continual flow of unique content over time is still one of the biggest factors determining a high search ranking. Fresh, unique content is so important that many bloggers turn to guest blogging and hosting guest bloggers as a means of ensuring content flow. Unfortunately, for many blogs, the new content produced through guest blogging activities can often lead to harm rather than help.


King Content


The growth of the Internet into the flourishing and dynamic electronic world of Web 2.0 has empowered bloggers and elevated the role blogs play in the everyday lives of Internet users. Blogs have become powerful platforms of connection with content serving as their lifeblood. This content lifeblood, as far as search engines are concerned, is not all created equal. Emphasis on updated content with originality and uniqueness is what search engine algorithms grade. There’s no denying the fact that updated blogs with fresh and unique content outclass stale and neglected blogs. Search ranking results and success is often primarily tied to unique content delivered over a long enough time that an accurate history can be established.


Without unique content, a blog stands no chance of gaining any traction in critical search engine rankings. Without a solid search ranking, there’s no chance in gaining the critical eyeballs necessary to build an audience and ensure blogging success. And when the need for unique content is coupled with the reality that the content stream must be continuous, many bloggers quickly find themselves in a content drought. Bloggers stranded in content droughts often turn to fellow bloggers for a quick content hit and thus enter the world of guest blogging.


Blog Voice


Developing a blog and continually producing content is a tough business. Too many bloggers become seduced by the idea of inviting guest bloggers to do a quick post or provide a content article. There’s nothing sweeter than the idea of taking a week off while still being able to produce and post viable content. That’s a proposition most bloggers find hard to pass on. It sounds so great that many bloggers end up doing it over and over.


The current blogosphere is littered with blogs utilizing guest blogger posts and articles as a primary means of content creation that many blog’s have lost their voice. The major consequence of using guest blogger provided content in a compacted time span is a loss of a blog’s originality. If an established blog with a solid audience starts to wander from its base content, losses in audience are just about guaranteed. Sacrificing a blog’s originality and losing audience is just one of the fatal blows guest blogging content can deliver.


Trust but Verify


Many bloggers accessing help from other bloggers would probably say that losing their blog’s originality isn’t in jeopardy since they utilize guest blogging sparingly. Is hosting the occasional guest blogger a bad idea? As with most things—it depends. Revisit the original reason for using a guest blogger. New, unique content is usually the root for inviting guest blogging activities. The primary responsibility of all bloggers that want to host and maintain quality blogs must be to ensure that all content being posted is unique. Problems start when a guest blogger is simply trusted and never vetted. All guest bloggers’ content must be evaluated with an eye to detail and attention to content originality and uniqueness. These days lots of bloggers make rounds as guest bloggers. Duplicate or poorly spun content is often what’s left in their wake. Nothing helps torpedo search rankings like duplicated content.


Poorly spun content is just as deadly. Google’s latest major search algorithm update, Panda and the subsequent tweak, Penguin now hold correct grammar usage and spelling in higher regard. Editing all blog posts with a critical eye on readability and clarity is essential. If Google’s Panda update wasn’t frustrating enough, Penguin is guaranteed to deliver.


Google’s Penguin update requires heightened editorial scrutiny particularly in the instances of authors delivering content outside of their native language. English as a second language posts may need revisions by a native English speaker to ensure proper content flow. Content should read smoothly and not appear stilted. Keyword stuffing must be guarded against. Natural speech and writing patterns are best. Content length is also critical under the latest Google algorithm updates. A blog hosting lots of minimum length content (300 words) will find itself in jeopardy of being penalized. Content should convey a coherent and relevant idea and be of appropriate length to do so.


At Least as Good


Backlinking and backlink quality is now more important than ever. Bloggers that have been backlink obsessed over the years and using guest blogging activities primarily for backlink sharing stand a good chance of taking a penalty hit. Guest blogging for backlinks can become punitive if a guest blogger’s content and blog isn’t of at least equal standards to the host’s blog. Verifying any and all backlinks in content is now essential with a critical eye to backlink quality. Backlink quality has been positively identified as a ranking signal of growing importance.


Developing and maintaining a high-quality blog that ranks well in order to garner an audience is more of a challenge today than it ever has been. There are many solid bloggers out there willing to share their perspectives and content. Guest blogging might be a fantastic way to source new content, but do your blog and your audience a favor by taking the time to edit and ensure the quality and uniqueness of your contributors’ content.                                                                                  image_227788084