Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tips to Monetize your Blog

Tips to Monetize your Blog


With the burden of recession weighing heavily on almost everyone, and many being shown the door, people are turning to work at home opportunities.  One of the easiest ways to start earning from home is to create a blog, also known as a web log. To begin with, what’s a blog?  Simply put, a blog is a website, in that it enables you to share information and ideas on anything you wish. It gives you the flexibility of updating your information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with ease. As and when you update your blog, the most recent updates appear at the top which keeps your visitors updated on the latest information. A blog can also be used as a personal diary to keep in touch with family and friends.  However, of late blogs are being used as a business platform. Even big business houses are using this medium to promote their businesses.


Several methods can be used to monetize your blog. Listed below are a few of them.


Affiliate Programs :

There are several companies out there offering hefty commissions for promoting their products and services. If you visit ClickBank, LinkShare, CommissionJunction etc., you will find plenty of products to promote. If this is your first time, you may get a little confused as to what to promote, as there are lots and lots of products listed on these sites. To remove this confusion, all you need to do is visit ForumsFirst where you will find people discussing about their success with certain affiliate programs. Here, you can ask any question related to affiliate programs and get your doubts cleared. You’ll get a good idea of which programs are worth joining and promoting. After you have joined a particular program, you will be given links and banners to promote.  You can place these on the side bar of your blog. You can also write a short product review and place your link at the end of the review and direct your visitors to the company’s website. Should they make a purchase you land up with a commission, sometimes, as high as 75% of the product price. Simply put, your blog serves as a medium between your visitors and the companies offering the products and services.


Contextual Links :

Another way to earn from your blog is by displaying contextual links of companies like Google’s Adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor etc. Here you will have to send in your application, which is a simple process and once the same is approved, you will be given codes for placing on your blog. The ads will always be relevant to your blog’s niche.


Display Ads :

There are certain companies which will pay you a monthly fee just for placing their banners on your blog. However, you will be accepted by these companies only if you are getting a steady flow of traffic to your blog. So you will have to generate traffic before sending in your application to these companies in order to be accepted by them. This means first getting your blog indexed by the search engines and submitting articles to article directories. Once you do this, your blog will get the required exposure and you will see a flood of traffic to your blog.


Content :

Your blog should be content rich. Try to add quality content to your blog as often as you can, as this will help in your search engine ranking. Do not take articles from article directors as this

would amount to plagiarism and you could be penalized by the search engines for duplication. In case you find an article that appeals to you and you would like to place it on your blog, you will have to get the author’s permission. However, having original content on your blog would be more rewarding. You can write a review of the products you are promoting and add your link in it. You can also write content relevant to your blog’s niche. In case article writing is not your cup of tea, you can get your articles written by ghost writers. These ghost writers are available on any freelancing forum. Another place where you can purchase articles for full rights is at Constant-Content. You will find some excellent articles here.


These are a few of the methods that can be used to monetize a blog; though there are many, many more ways of doing so.